Delkin Fat Gecko™ Camera Mount

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Delkin Fat Gecko™ Camera MountDelkin Fat Gecko™ Camera Mount Ref: Fat Gecko Car
Delkin's newest DIMA Award winning accessory is the Fat Gecko camera mount. The Fat Gecko is a dual suction cup mount that allows all motorsport enthusiasts to quickly and easily create videos of their on and off the road adventures. With three attachment options - the suction cup mount, clamp-style handlebar mount, and crossbar bicycle mount - riders can film from any surface, any vehicle, and at any time.

The Fat Gecko suction cup mount allows users to secure cameras to motorcycles, cars, trucks, airplanes, or any other smooth surface. The blend of rugged design and ease of use makes Delkin's Fat Gecko camera mount optimal for use in all motorsports, from drifting to motocross. Fat Gecko's suction cups are so strong they can hold a eight pound camera and the double knuckle design and 2" extension tube allow for 360° tilt, 360° turn & 360° rotation for all the best filming angles in any activity.

The 1/4 x 20 tripod mounting screw means users can use virtually any digital still or video camera on the market. With the handlebar mount, users can attach the Fat Gecko to standard 1 1/4 inch handlebars on motorcycles, ATVs, go-carts and more. The innovative bicycle mount utilizes a unique attachment location on the handlebars to reduce vibration, providing the smoothest video possible. Fat Gecko's quick release feature lets users quickly and easily move the mount from car to car, bicycle to motorcycle, ATV to airplane.

Price: £68.82 (Including VAT at 20%)

Delkin Fat Gecko™ Bike MountDelkin Fat Gecko™ Bike Mount Ref: Fat Gecko Bike
The Delkin Fat Gecko camera mount for bikes makes it possible to securely attach any camera or camcorder to the centre handlebars of a bicycle to capture unbelievable action footage.
The removable bike mount, called the Fat Gecko™, utilizes the existing handlebar bolts and an adjustable height extender that straps directly to the bicycle stem to achieve an array of angles using almost any camera.
The Fat Gecko™ is designed to be universal and can be installed on an array of bike models including: road, mountain, hybrid, touring, racing, cruisers, trick and more. The existing screws that secure a bike’s handlebars to the bike stem are used to hold the mount in place, while a sliding bracket in the back enables height adjustments as necessary.
This innovative design results in a solid attachment that requires no permanent changes to the bike. Once the mount is installed, a camera can be removed and re-attached independently using a built in quick-release.
Unlike competing mounts that require proprietary camera equipment, the Fat Gecko™ utilizes a ¼ x 20 universal tripod screw that accepts thousands of cameras and camcorders from every major brand. Once the camera is mounted, it can be adjusted for angle by a built in ball joint. This allows “fine tuning” of the view from the front of the bike to get the footage or shot the rider wants.

“With the exploding popularity of social networking sites and the phenomenon of YouTube®, riders are excited to be able to share their adventures with other enthusiasts without adding extra bulk, installation time, or weight to their bike” said Martin Wood, Delkin’s CEO. “Our goal at Delkin has always been to invent products that are innovative and useful, and we’re excited to continue exploring ways to inspire our customers in the future.”
Ruggedized lightweight construction ensures that the mount won’t crack, bend, rust or break during use, even in the most ambitious on and off-road adventures. Weighing only 0.9lbs., the mount is rated to hold cameras over 16 oz on road bikes, and under 16 oz for mountain or trick bikes.

Price: £49.56 (Including VAT at 20%)

Spa Photo | Delkin |  Delkin Fat Gecko™ Camera Mount